About Wild Courage

Wild Courage was founded by Elle Harrison in 2006. Over time we’ve grown into a network of independent coaches, researchers, strategists and facilitators in Europe, USA and Asia.

We have worked with a wide range of brands and industries since founding Wild Courage in 2006. We’ve also coached individuals (commissioning their own coaching) who work at many more.

What sets our clients apart, however, is not who they work for, but how they show up in the world: their integrity, desire to make a difference, creative flair and willingness to be relentlessly honest with themselves and others. We value the relationships we have created with each of our clients and the impact our coaching has had in their work and lives, rather than our association with the companies they work for.

That said, we understand a client list can be reassuring for some, so here is a taster of the companies we’ve worked with.