Cultural Research

Wild Courage Research uses coaching-style techniques to help organisations listen more deeply to their customers. We help to identify what’s changing and emerging in attitudes, mindsets and communities… and then reflect these insights back in ways that shape strategy and help organisations and brands stay relevant in a changing world.

Research may include bespoke qual projects with Focus Groups, Depth Interviews, Friendship Groups and Expert Interviews, and/ or be more internally orientated with Stakeholder Interviews and System Mapping. Our signature is using creative stimulus, coaching practices and coaching skills of intuition, powerful questions and deep listening to explore what’s changing in the deeper currents of culture and society. Our research groups are small, creative and highly interactive, relying on stimulus to engage both conscious and unconscious beliefs.

Our specialty is exploring open, cultural questions like ‘what is adventure – and how can we inspire it through our products?’ or ‘what do women really want right now – and how can that shape policy / strategy?’. We work internationally, and have a strong network of moderators based in USA and Europe.

Recent projects have included helping our customers understand and develop their strategy around:

  • Female Empowerment
  • Cultural Pioneers
  • Our Changing Morality
  • Female Adventure
  • The Future of TV

If you’d like to explore cultural trends relevant to your brand, get in touch.