Cultural Research

Wild Courage Research uses coaching-style approaches and techniques to listen for conscious and unconscious trends in culture and society. We help to identify what’s changing and emerging in attitudes, mindsets, needs and desires…. and reflect our insights back in ways that shape strategy and help brands stay relevant in a changing world.

Our bespoke Research may include Focus Groups, Depth Interviews, Friendship Groups and Expert Interviews, or be more internally orientated with Stakeholder Interviews and System Mapping. Our signature is using creative stimulus, coaching practices and coaching skills of intuition, powerful questions and deep listening, to explore what’s changing in the deeper currents of culture and society. Our research groups are small, creative and highly interactive, relying on stimulus to engage both conscious and unconscious beliefs. This allows us to tap into the very edge of what’s known, to facilitate real, insightful, and emotional conversations.

Our specialty is exploring open, cultural questions like ‘what is adventure – and how can we inspire it through our products?’ or ‘what do women really want right now – and how can that shape policy / strategy?’. We work internationally, and have a strong network of moderators based in USA and Europe. Projects range from big global studies across multiple markets, down to a series of depth interviews conducted remotely, depending on brief and budget

Recently we’ve explored questions like:

  • what’s the future of TV?
  • what’s Morality today and how does that play out in entertainment?
  • what’s important to women and how does it vary by generation?
  • what does it mean to be a man in modern India – and what’s the implication for male grooming?
  • what is ‘adventure’ for women?

If you’d like to explore cultural trends relevant to your brand, get in touch.