Executive Coaching

Wild Courage Coaching accompanies you through transition, helping you find opportunities within a changing world.

Whether you’re newly promoted, just back from maternity leave, launching or selling a business, navigating a disrupted market, instilling a creative culture or getting ready for the next layer of leadership, coaching can provide a safe space to explore where you are, what’s changing and the possibilities within that change.

Coaching conversations span both inner and outer worlds, exploring practical real life challenges – e.g. your next Board presentation, long term strategy and team dynamics – as a way into deeper questions:

  • what’s changing in the world and how can I / we respond to that?
  • what does success look like, really?
  • what’s the long term vision/ strategy?
  • how can I find a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in my work?
  • how can we work better as a team?
  • how do I develop my impact and executive presence?

If you’d like to find out more or explore the possibility of coaching, please get in touch for an exploratory conversation.