When the world is changing – fast – it takes courage to turn into that change and ask the big questions. These questions can be scary. They take us beyond what’s known or even fully knowable. And often they seem to threaten the very core of our business. Yet opening to these questions is the only way to stay fully alive, creative and relevant in a changing world.

Wild Courage Research takes you into the heart of your big questions. We don’t come with quick fixes and easy answers; rather we help you deepen into the questions themselves and allow them to reveal layers of truth that can inform your next steps and inspire new ideas, approaches, strategies and innovation.

Projects may involve stakeholder interviews, group discussion, depth interviews, home visits, expert interviews and creative experiences designed to help surface what’s not yet conscious.

Recently we’ve explored questions like:

  • what’s the future of TV?
  • what’s Morality today and how does that play out in entertainment?
  • what is ‘success’ in the Millennial generation?
  • what’s up for Tween girls?
  • what does it mean to be a man in modern India – and what’s the implication for male grooming?
  • what is ‘adventure’ for women?

If you’d like to make space for the big questions and the conversations they invite, get in touch.