Transformational Coaching

Wild Courage Coaching provides insight and support for those in transition, helping you find opportunities within a changing world. Our coaching conversations span both inner and outer worlds, exploring practical real life challenges – e.g. your next Board presentation / funding round; relationships with boss / peers / partner / children; a possible career move – as a way into deeper questions of identity, contribution and purpose.

About half our coaching clients are Board level senior execs; the others are parents, Founders and younger leaders wanting to align their work and life around their deepest values. Different roles provide different contexts, but ultimately we coach human beings. Whether it’s commissioned as Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Maternity Coaching, Startup Founder Coaching or Life Coaching, we work in similar ways. Our approach combines intuition and intellect; creativity and structure; big picture thinking with a practical focus on implementation and results. Most importantly, we help you trust your own wisdom and have the courage to act on what you see.

Whether you’re getting ready for the next layer of leadership, exploring career change, looking to startup or sell a business, just back from maternity leave, navigating a disrupted market, leading change or simply wanting ‘more’ from your work or life, coaching can provide space to explore where you are, what’s changing and the possibilities within that change. We help you see a bigger horizon with new possibilities, and support you as you take bold steps towards that emerging future.

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