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Case Study: Be a force for change

Coaching senior leaders to be a force for change – in a traditional media company, and a disrupted media market.

Client: SVPs / EVP @ Discovery Communications


Once upon a time, TV followed a live schedule, on premium cable channels. Then digital disruption arrived, throwing viewer habits and businesses cases into disarray. As senior leaders inside a traditional media company, our coaching clients were asking themselves: how do we thrive in this changing world? How can my team and I be a force for change? Am I willing to step into a role of Corporate Maverick, in service to change and growth?


This was a long-term coaching engagement, over 6-years, with SVPs and EVPs of Insights and Digital.

Coaching explored questions like:

  • What is the future of TV – and how could we lean fully into the disruption?
  • What are the forces for and against change in this organization – and how can my team engage the whole organization in leaning towards what’s possible?
  • Who are the other change-makers in this organisation, and how can we come together to engage everyone in this journey of change?
  • How do I manage the Old Guard, who sometimes undermine my impact or reputation?
  • How do I manage a team of different personalities, with different skill sets, and ensure we are all driving towards the same goals?
  • How can I manage my executive presence in key meetings with the Board, and ensure I have the impact I want to?

We also designed and facilitated coaching-style research groups, with staff, experts, and viewers, in Europe and multiple US cities. These groups tracked big cultural change in society, to provide a wider context for organizational change. Research topics included: The Future of TV, Wonder & Awe, Female Adventure, The Inner World of Women, and C21st Morality.


‘Elle was my secret weapon. Having her as my coach brought confidence, clarity, and insight. It helped me find the courage to take risks to drive change, and engage the teams around me in a bolder vision of the future.’ – SVP Insights

‘Coaching with Elle has been a fantastic experience. She is tough but fair – generous in what she sees, yet unwilling to put up with bullshit. Elle helped me believe in what might be possible and made the path seeable for me.’ – GM & EVP Digital

‘Wild Courage facilitates collaborative, honest, often emotional research conversations that reveal a deeper, whole person. Elle & her team are skilled at drawing out insights just below the surface that help shape strategy. If you’re ready to listen deeply, this is the team for you.’ – SVP Insights

We coach leaders to navigate change with confidence and calm.

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