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Case Study: Master your inner game

How to support a senior tech leader to discover and believe in her own leadership style?

Client: Senior female leader in tech


New-in-role, with a track record of high performance, this female leader wanted to take her leadership impact to the next level. Hard-working and hugely diligent, she sensed that she needed a gear-shift.

How to get her voice heard?

How to find a deep confidence in her own leadership style, and to consistently have a powerful impact in the strategic direction of the business?

How to overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome, to discover and play to her unique leadership strengths?


Over 6-months, Coaching supported a journey of deep transformation, letting go of who she ‘should’ be as a leader, to discover an empowering sense of her own authentic leadership.

Coaching explored questions like:

  • Who are the key players in her inner world, and how and when to draw on each one? e.g. the diligent hard worker, who is great at getting things done but can get stuck in the weeds vs. the big-picture, bold, authoritative leader who is laser-clear on purpose and impact in each meeting.
  • How to slow down and go deeper in key conversations, to increase impact and authority?
  • How to set clear boundaries, to restore physical and emotional wellbeing?
  • How to reclaim authentic leadership gifts of intuition and sensitivity, to rediscover confidence and joy at work?


‘I learned more in one hour with Elle, than in six months with my previous coach. I’ve had fantastic feedback from our client, and outstanding performance reviews. Coaching helped me reframe what it means to be a leader, to feel more confident in myself, and to have the impact I want even in high-pressure situations.’

We coach leaders to navigate change with confidence and calm.

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