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Wild Courage Circles are a place to slow down and connect more deeply with yourself and others.

Meeting monthly, in small groups of 6-10 people, we create space to ask important questions and listen to your heart’s response.

What’s going well in my life?

What am I proud of?

What feels stuck?

Who am I becoming?

What more do I long for?

What’s in my way?

Sometimes these questions will lead us into bigger topics.

Air pollution, plastics in the ocean, rainforests burning, and your response to it all. You want to talk about these things, and to listen with your heart and mind open. To feel for different perspectives, to suspend your beliefs; to discover new ways of doing things, tiny steps that might help you be part of the change you long to see in the world

A Wild Courage coach lightly guides each Circle.

There’s never any pressure to share. You can come and simply be. Sometimes you will be surprised by what you hear yourself saying. Sometimes someone else’s story will resonate, and help you see your own situation in new ways.

Circle is a place to be human.

You allow your heart to speak. You listen, deeply, and discover new ideas and possibilities. You grow your courage. Become wiser. You feel the tremendous relief of hearing your own voice, speaking clearly at last. And you discover the joy of connection, belonging and community.

Working with us


Wild Courage Coaching is designed to help you grow from the inside out. We challenge you to trust the unknown and find new possibilities in it.


Wild Courage Research is coaching-based research for start-ups and courageous organizations who want to design products and services for an emerging future.

"The single most insightful hour of my business life."

Adam Morgan, Founder & Director, Eat Big Fish, London

"Every decade or so a new thought leader emerges, one who inspires and opens our minds to a new paradigm. Elle is one of these."

Eve Baldwin, SVP HR, Unilever, London

"Elle is an outstanding leadership coach. She has enormous depth, strength of character and fabulous intuition."

Rohit Samani, CEO, Tilda

"Elle is tough but fair - generous in what she sees, yet unwilling to put up with bullshit. She helped me believe in what might be possible."

Sean Atkins, GM & EVP Digital, Discovery Inc.

"Elle combines clear, pragmatic inquiry with deep humanity and wisdom - a compelling combination."

Jindy Mann, Owner Solved Ltd.

"Elle brings a completely new perspective to leadership and marketing projects. A great professional and remarkable human being."

Santiago Gowland, VP Brand & Global Corporate Responsibility, Unilever (now GM, The Nature Conservancy Latin America)

"Wild Courage facilitate collaborative, honest, emotional conversations that reveal a deeper, whole person. Elle & her team are skilled at drawing out insights just below the surface that help shape strategy. If you’re ready to listen deeply, this is the team for you."

Donna Murphy, Head of Consumer Insights & Culture Lab, Discovery Inc.

"Elle changed my life. Her empathy, instincts and intellect are finely tuned. Speaking to Elle is what I imagine gaining X-ray vision is like. Thanks to Elle, I am a more perceptive, emboldened, creative, curious and empathic version of myself. Years later I still think back to our conversations as revelatory. Elle's magic is lasting."

Maria Sbiti, Christian Louboutin

Wild Courage - the book

Wild Courage: A Journey of Transformation For You & Your Business by Elle Harrison (Watkins, 2011)

What do we do when facing change? Do we resist and shrink back to what is safe, known and familiar? Or do we head fiercely into the unknown, journeying through our shadows towards the creativity and vitality of an emerging world?

Wild Courage is for anyone ready to turn into change. That change might be dramatic or subtle, personal, professional, part of a wider social picture or simply the longing for purpose and meaning. Rather than resisting or surviving these changes, Wild Courage offers a way to creatively engage with them.

Guiding you on an inner journey of transformation, it challenges you to reconnect with little-known, little-loved parts of yourself and life – Dying, Stillness, Intuition, Wildness, Vulnerability, Surrender – and shows how these unlikely qualities are actually a path to growth, fulfillment and power. At the end of the journey you emerge with a more courageous and wider view of who you are and how you might engage more fully with our changing times.

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