Wild Courage offers coaching-based research to help you design products and services for an emerging future.

We bring coaching and creative exercises to research

We connect with your users, audience, stakeholders and staff at a human level. Facilitating deep and often emotional conversations.

We work at the edge of what’s known and not yet known

Using creative exercises to surface what’s not yet fully conscious. Listening for who people are, and who they are becoming.

User research to guide your strategy

Surfacing people’s deepest needs, desires and frustrations, to support human-centered design. Using their creativity to solve gnarly problems, with you.

Listen to staff, stakeholders and teams

Helping to surface shared values, and define behaviours and processes to bring these alive.

Is your business designed for the future?

Have you listened to the cares and longings of your audience?

Do you know what they need and want, really?

How they are changing and growing, and how your brand could support that?

Case study

For over 7 years, we’ve worked with Discovery & their TV networks to research big cultural topics to shape organisational & channel strategy.

We designed and moderated stakeholder interviews and focus groups across USA and Europe on topics like: The Future of TV; Female Adventure; 21st Century Morality.

Applying coaching techniques to get deep under the surface, to explore emerging cultural trends and tensions and discover resonant spaces for new TV shows. Helping shape long term strategy for Discovery & it’s channels during a time of huge market disruption (from cable TV to online streaming).

“Wild Courage research is not your average qual research. Wild Courage facilitates collaborative, honest, often emotional conversations that reveal a deeper, whole person. Elle & her team are skilled at drawing out insights just below the surface that help shape strategy. If you’re ready to listen deeply, this is the team for you.”

Donna Murphy, SVP Insights, Discovery

Case study

Working with a UK NHS hospital trust, we designed and moderated research groups with patients, staff and stakeholders to input into the architectural design of a new hospital.

Using a rich deck of images and stimulus, we explored how patients and staff want to feel in the new building. We listened for changing views of healthcare, and how that translated into hospital design and architectural features.

We presented our findings to the trust’s Board, and to the appointed architects.

Working with us


Wild Courage Coaching is designed to help you grow from the inside out. We challenge you to trust the unknown and find new possibilities in it.


Wild Courage Research is coaching-based research for start-ups and courageous organizations who want to design products and services for an emerging future.

Wild Courage - the book

Wild Courage: A Journey of Transformation For You & Your Business by Elle Harrison (Watkins, 2011)

What do we do when facing change? Do we resist and shrink back to what is safe, known and familiar? Or do we head fiercely into the unknown, journeying through our shadows towards the creativity and vitality of an emerging world?

Wild Courage is for anyone ready to turn into change. That change might be dramatic or subtle, personal, professional, part of a wider social picture or simply the longing for purpose and meaning. Rather than resisting or surviving these changes, Wild Courage offers a way to creatively engage with them.

Guiding you on an inner journey of transformation, it challenges you to reconnect with little-known, little-loved parts of yourself and life – Dying, Stillness, Intuition, Wildness, Vulnerability, Surrender – and shows how these unlikely qualities are actually a path to growth, fulfillment and power. At the end of the journey you emerge with a more courageous and wider view of who you are and how you might engage more fully with our changing times.

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