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We’re Wild Courage.

Founded by Elle Harrison in 2005, we’re a boutique coaching practice based in the UK, with clients across four continents.

We coach powerful leaders, with bold dreams and gnarly questions. Our mission is to help you build a thriving world, now and for future generations.

We pride ourselves on being certified coaches, with business backgrounds, entrepreneurial mindsets, deep coaching experience, and a rigorous ongoing reflective practice.

Our work sits across four areas

C-Level Coaching

Navigating a complex and changing world? We’ll help you carve out space to look at the big picture, untangle gnarly decisions, trust your instincts, and focus on where you can make a difference (delegating everything else). So you have the impact you want, in your organization and the world.

Strategic Coaching

Responsible for setting the direction of your team, organization, or brand? We’ll act as thinking partners: challenging your assumptions, stretching your thinking, and exploring your edge. Helping you pioneer your strategy, and engage others in it. So you lead your organization to undiscovered places, with confidence and courage.

Team Coaching

People are complex, and groups of people even more so. To have a powerful impact, you need to align around a common vision. We’ll help you discover your shared values and vision, and turn them into culture and strategy. Engaging each teammate’s connection to your shared goals, and driving together in the same direction.

Personal Transitions

New role, becoming a parent, divorce, loss, illness, moving country? If something big is happening, it’s going to impact your work. But it’s also an opportunity. We’ll help you use personal disruption to learn about how to navigate deep change. Empowering you to support organizational and societal change, now and in the future.

We’re proud to work or have worked with:

We coach leaders to navigate change with confidence and calm.

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