Coaching leaders to navigate change with confidence & courage

Help me explore how I

Craft a strategy

Build for social impact

Deliver through my team

Engage stakeholders

Navigate the unknown

Prioritise, delegate & avoid burnout

Meet Wild Courage

Founded by Elle Harrison, we’re a group of coaches and researchers, working with senior leaders and strategists: those responsible for setting the direction of their brand or organization.

For clients with purpose

We work with entrepreneurs, corporate mavericks and leaders with a social purpose. If you have a big heart and bold dreams, we will help you pioneer beyond what’s been possible in the past.

Craft a vision & bring it to life

Disrupting the status quo? Building a sustainable, regenerative business? Designing a human-centered hospital or school? We can help.

Disruption is an invitation to grow

With Coaching and coaching-based Research, we listen, reveal new possibilities, stretch your thinking, challenge, guide, and inspire courage in your journey through the unknown, and into a better future.

Working with us


Wild Courage Coaching is designed to help you grow from the inside out. We challenge you to trust the unknown and find new possibilities in it.


Wild Courage Research is coaching-based research for start-ups and courageous organizations who want to design products and services for an emerging future.

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