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Our origins.

Playing by the rules

I grew up playing by the rules. I got good grades, earned a place at Cambridge University and from there on the graduate trainee programme at Unilever. I hoped following the rules would lead me to ‘success’ and happiness. Fairly quickly, though, I began to feel a gulf between the orderly world I was building, and the expansive longings of my heart. One grey day, about two years into my career, I drove to an offsite singing along to Shawn Colvin’s Someday on repeat: ‘I’m gonna get out of here some day’.

Expat Life

I bought myself time by taking challenging expat roles – Bangkok then Buenos Aires. On the outside, I had an enviable level of glamour and success, with a driver, a luxury apartment, global travel, and frequent promotions. But on the inside, I felt increasingly empty. I was building a world far from home, and I was lonely. I was lost and I didn’t know how to find my way into something different.

Towards wholeness

In the 15+ years since I set up Wild Courage, I’ve stepped into the unknown many times. I left behind profitable work that didn’t use the best of me. I paused paid work to write a book. I got married. I became a new mum (twice) and allowed my world to be recreated around my changing priorities. I’ve woven and then rewoven a life I call my own. It’s a daily practice to create a life where I thrive financially, making a difference, doing work I love, in a rhythm that works for me.

Where I have time to tend to my inner world and creativity. Where I can be fully present as a partner, parent and business owner. I now know that to build a successful life, you need to be willing to step into the creative unknown and allow yourself to rediscover not only what you do, but who you are. To rebuild your world from the inside out. To create a life that reflects your true self, your whole self. That offers your unique gifts generously to the world. This is the wild courage journey.

Elle is an outstanding leadership coach. She has enormous depth, strength of character and fabulous intuition. I highly recommend Elle to all those looking to super-charge their leadership skills and self-awareness

Rohit Samani

CEO, Tilda

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