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Reflections on Coaching, 16-years in

I don’t care how many coaching tools you know, I want to know if you’ve fallen apart and put yourself back together. 

Women are angry. Let anger be the fire of change.

Your rage is here for a reason. Welcome it, and use it well.

5 Tips for Corporate Mavericks: How to stir up change when your organisation is resisting it

Being a Corporate Maverick can be a lonely role. Here’s 5 tips for how to stay with change when your organisation is resisting it.

We are creatures of connection. And we are starving.

The need for connection is a first world problem. And it is as pressing and as real as problems faced in the developing world.

Light at the end of the tunnel. Or the tunnel is made of light?

2020 has not be an easy year. But maybe that dark tunnel was more full of light than we realised at the time.

4 steps to change your career… when a to-do list or action-plan isn’t cutting it

Sometimes, you come to the end of a chapter of your working life. To find your way through to something new, follow these four steps.

Pivot or U-Turn

Perhaps we are changing as a nation? Perhaps this pandemic is initiating us into a new worldview? Perhaps we are learning to tolerate uncertainty, to accept fluidity and change as we navigate the unknown?

Just One Word: How to bring back the gold from lockdown life

It’s tempting to think about what you will ‘hold on to’ when you return from a transformational experience. But it’s not habits you need to bring back. It’s something more essential. A single word, to guide you deeper into your life.

Coming back from lockdown: Fear, hesitation and possibility in the journey home

As we contemplate the gradual easing of lockdown, what can our hesitation teach us? What gifts will we bring with us from this time in retreat?

You’re not failing as a lockdown parent – you’re just human. How to get my needs met as a mom of two on lockdown?

It takes a village to raise a child, they say, and now there is no village. There are two adults, and a TV. How can I meet my needs and my children’s, as a mom of two on lockdown?

The Power of No: how saying No can lead you to a bigger Yes

It is scary to say no, stand still & not plant anything in your life. Especially when you’re an entrepreneur. But it’s also necessary, to find a deeper YES.

Circular time: trusting the pause at the heart of change

Circular Time comes at the heart of change. It’s awkward, but transformative. It takes us deeper, informing our actions with soul and courage.

Deep rest: finding the courage to stop

The world as we know it is on pause. Will we turn into that pause? Or will we scrabble to stay busy, and miss the chance for deeper creativity and change.

Mindful silence: finding peace in coronavirus lockdown

A quarter of the world’s population are in coronavirus lockdown. How will we change, as we rediscover the deep silence of life? 

A Poem for 2020

I move mindfully through my life. I do less, but enjoy it more. Time is as spacious as I allow it to be, and winding rivers reach their destination too.

Say yes: birthing a new world

We are birthing a new world, together. We mothers know how to do this. Can we give ourselves to a hard and painful labour? Trust the moment, say yes.

Hoarding or trusting

Panic buying and coronavirus hoarding. What are we learning about our relationship with trust, and with what we value most deeply?

This broken and beautiful world

There is so much broken in the world. But there is beauty too. SO MUCH beauty. Let it soften you. Let it show you the way.

Flip your fear

Fear is a teacher. If we let it, it can show us what we most value, our deepest needs, and how to come more alive.

Acting from fear, or acting from wisdom?

In my work as a coach, I’ve learned that urgency is often fuelled by fear, rather than by wisdom.

We coach leaders to navigate change with confidence and calm.

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