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Elle is an outstanding leadership coach. She has enormous depth, strength of character and fabulous intuition. I highly recommend Elle to all those looking to super-charge their leadership skills and self-awareness

Rohit Samani

CEO, Tilda

Wild Courage – the book

What do we do when facing change? Do we resist and shrink back to what is known and familiar? Or do we head fiercely into the unknown, journeying through our shadows towards the creativity of an emerging world?

Guiding you on an inner journey of transformation, Wild Courage challenges you to reconnect with parts of yourself and leadership which are often under-valued – Dying, Stillness, Intuition, Wildness, Vulnerability, Surrender – and shows how these unlikely qualities are actually a path to growth and meaning. At the end of the journey you emerge with a wider view of who you are and how you might engage more fully with our changing times.

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