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Case Study: New Parent Coaching

How do you support senior female leaders as they become parents – so they thrive in the organization through this major life change, and use it as a learning ground for change?

Client: AIMIA


The transition to becoming a parent is a huge transformation for many leaders. It changes brain chemistry, sleep patterns, working patterns, priorities, identity, and often how you feel about your work. Without support, organizations risk losing talented leaders, and/or missing the opportunities for personal growth in this moment – and potential gifts for the organization.

How to support senior leaders through this transition, and minimise the risk of losing them?

How to embrace the disruption as an opportunity to prioritise, and focus more clearly on the work that can have the biggest impact?

How to use becoming a parent as a learning ground for change, so leaders are skilled at navigating and supporting wider organizational and social change?


Over 4 years, we provided Parental Coaching to 14 senior leaders at AIMIA, supporting them in the transition to becoming a working-parent.

Coaching supported leaders to:

  • Reset priorities, focusing on work that could have the most impact
  • Establish boundaries to support healthy relationships to work and life
  • Delegate effectively
  • Explore shifting identities, meaning, and short and long term career ambitions
  • Build influence, confidence, and executive presence
  • Untangle parental concerns, such as childcare needs, to free up headspace and restore emotional wellbeing
  • Reflect on patterns in the experience of change, and apply these learnings to support wider organizational and cultural change

‘Having time and space to talk about juggling work and motherhood without judgment was so valuable. I’ve had several coaches in my career, and my time and relationship with you has been the most effective in reaching the goals set. Thank you.’

We coach leaders to navigate change with confidence and calm.

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