Navigating Transitions: First Day of School

Monday, September 13th, 2021

Today my big-little-girl starts school. It’s bittersweet, like so much change. There is excitement, and there is loss.

I am no longer a mum who is needed, day and night, to keep a little person alive. No longer navigating the carnage of toddler groups. No longer taking my daughter to nursery dressed as Elsa. My little buddy has new adventures, and they don’t involve me.

I’m no stranger to change, I coach leaders through transitions every day. But knowing and living are different experiences.

So, today, I’m reminding myself of three things I know about how to navigate transitions.


How to navigate transitions

1. Make space for all feelings. If tears are here, cry. Emotion is a river and it carries you into your new world, if you let it.

2. Slow down. Let new rhythms, routines, and identities emerge organically. Keep everything as simple as possible, so you can see these patterns as they are revealed.

3. Listen for the invitation. In the goodbye, there is space for something new to emerge too. Tend to it, become it.

Take your time

I won’t be achieving much today.

I will be tending to my heart. Giving it the space it needs to adjust to this change.

Because on the other side of this threshold, new adventures await for me too. I can’t wait to discover them, now that I am a working mum with a little more space for me.

We coach leaders to navigate change with confidence and calm.

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