Wild Courage Executive Coaching challenges, supports and guides you to find possibilities in changes within and around you...


Wild Courage Research brings insight and intuition to dig deep into the truth of what's emerging in society, culture and the world...


Wild Courage Facilitation brings intuition and insight to design and facilitate creative-strategic conversations...


Change is always happening –  within us, around us and beyond us. We don’t make it happen and we can’t stop it happening. Yet we can choose how we engage with it. We can resist change, holding on to structures and ideas that belong to the past. Or we can move with it and help create new possibilities, ideas and ways of being that reflect the truth of what’s emerging.

At Wild Courage, we help you see the possibilities in change and forge a path towards them. Through coaching, research and facilitation, we bring insight to what’s changing in you and your world – and help you find the courage to act on what you see. To create ideas, businesses, teams and lives that bring what’s emerging into form… and to stay present as it all grows, changes and morphs again, finding the beauty and adventure in it all.

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."

André Gide